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Here you can find links to resources that are currently working on Virtual Reality and Games

Virtual Reality (VR) And Advanced Visualisation Companies. is one of the leading companies when it comes to Virtual Reality.
Info About Virtualization learn more about Virtualization and find useful resources
Like it or not the most advanced gaming companies are online casinos, cause the competition is so tuff they always need to be a step in front of the competition.
So you can find UK casinos with some great games, and soon they will have virtual games as well.
UK Gambling Commission Licensed Casinos and Games To be sure its is a legal Virtual gambling game it’s a good idea to check if they have a UK Licence.
If you want to keep and eye on the new virtual games that will come out in the next years we recommend they list the latest invention in slots games, which mobile and online casinos use.
Virtual Fun Cardbord try virtual reality in a fun and easy way.